France confirm squad for mid-season test against Wales

France confirm squad for mid-season test against Wales

On the Welsh test, Frayssinous said “ This is an important time for the French platoon. It's a awful occasion to prove that French rugby league is on the right track.

“ The French platoon wants to show it’s progress with each spin and this test match against Wales is another step in our hunt for success at the coming World Cup. The ideal will be to ameliorate the performance against England last October. I've participated with the group these specific points and the objects to be achieved.
“ This group is presently made up of 27 players with 2 weeks to go. It'll be reduced to 20 players the week of the match.

Specialist guiding coupled with particular development is at the core of a new rugby league program that took off on the Far South Coast this weekend.
RISE stands for Respect, Involve, Socialise and Evolve said program director for Group 16 Peter Rheinberger.

" It's getting these talented youthful players involved, making better opinions about themselves, and setting them up if they are aspiring to go further into the NRL or NRLW.
" It's not only about perfecting the chops of the game, but bettering themselves and giving back to their communities."

Perry said the program was designed to give league players from Under 13s to Under 15s specialised training and education" through a holistic rugby league development experience".
" It's a great occasion not just for players in that 13-15-year age group but also for trainers to grow and develop their chops that can also be filtered down into the Community Rugby League clubs across the state.

" It's important that we give an accessible pathway for all our players and trainers to be suitable to foster the growth of the NSWRL pathways system."
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crucial areas of the player development program include specialized and politic development, physical development, and socio-emotional development.
Rheinberger said an important element of RISE was the addition of the Life- Fit program, a collaboration with Griffith University's School of Applied Psychology to help youthful players develop socio-emotional chops to help them attack life's challenges, and admit personalised support from good psychologists.

" And it's not each about the players- it's for the trainers as well, to take back these drills and spread the communication back through their clubs."
The current RISE program will continue with sessions in Narooma and Bega through the current Group 16 season, with a plan to expand it to 14- and-15-year-olds in posterior times.

An English Super League club is on the point of securing a deal for a Penrith cougars forward.
That’s according to the Daily Telegraph which explains why Penrith have brought in Wests Barracuda back- sculler Luke Garner.

In Phil ‘ Buzz ’ Rothfield’s Daily Telegraph column, he wrote “ Which Penrith cougars forward is close to securing a deal with an English Super League club? This is incompletely why the cougars have inked Luke Garner from the Wests Barracuda. ”
Among those back- scullers still on the books at the cougars are J’maine Hopgood, Matt Eisenhuth, Mavrik Geyer, Chris Smith, Preston Riki, Scott Sorensen, Liam Martin and Viliame Kikau.